NASA Photo ID: S92-41072           File Name: 10065247.jpg
  Film Type: 4x5                     Date Taken: 07/09/92
  Title: STS-50 Columbia, OV-102, and USML-1 processing at KSC O&C and OPF buildings
  STS-50 Columbia, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 102, United States Microgravity
  Laboratory 1 (USML-1) vehicle and payload processing conducted at Kennedy 
  Space Center (KSC). Clean-suited crewmembers and technicians examine and
  test  USML-1 spacelab (SL) module systems during preflight procedures in
  Operations  and Checkout (O&C) Building (41070).  In the Orbiter Processing
  Facility  (OPF) High Bay 3, OV-102 payload bay (PLB) overall view shows
  thermal blanket  covered USML-1 SL module and extended duration orbiter
  (EDO) pallet (left of  SL module) before SL tunnel installation as workers
  continue to establish  mechanical interfaces between USML-1 and OV-102
  (41071); and closeup view  shows the installation ofthe EDO pallet near the
  rear bulkhead (41072).   View provided by KSC with alternate numbers
  KSC-92PC-592 for S92-41072;  KSC-92PC-758 for S92-41070; and KSC-92PC-840
  for S92-41071.          
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