NASA Photo ID: STS41C-3049         File Name: 10061433.jpg
  Film Type: 35mm BW                 Date Taken: 04/07/84
  Title: 41-C mission control center activity
  Harley L. Stutesman, Jr., a suit expert, uses a space shuttle helmet to 
  demonstrate an occurrence aboard the Challenger earlier on Flight Day 2. 
  Stutesman is flanked by Flight Director John T. Cox and Astronauts Jerry L. 
  Ross and Richard N. Richards, spacecraft communicators for this flight.
  There  is a map at the front of the mission control center showing the
  flight path  of the orbiter.                
  Subject terms:
  GROUND BASED CONTROL                    
  MISSION OPERATIONS                      
  SPACE SHUTTLE MISSION 41-C              

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