NASA Photo ID: STS040-212-004      File Name: 10064353.jpg
  Film Type: 35mm                    Date Taken: 06/14/91
  Title: STS-40 Mission Specialist (MS) Bagian "flies" through SLS-1 module
  STS-40 Mission Specialist (MS) James P. Bagian floats through the Spacelab 
  Life Sciences 1 (SLS-1) module aboard the Earth-orbiting Columbia, Orbiter 
  Vehicle (OV) 102.  Behind Bagian is the hatch and spacelab (SL) tunnel that 
  lead to OV-102's crew compartment. In the center aisle under Bagian's 
  extended left arm is the ergometer and at his right hand is SLS-1 Rack 7.                 
  Subject terms:
  COLUMBIA (ORBITER)                      
  ONBOARD ACTIVITIES                      
  SPACEBORNE EXPERIMENTS                  

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