NASA Photo ID: STS040-206-014      File Name: 10064350.jpg
  Film Type: 35mm                    Date Taken: 06/14/91
  Title: STS-40 Mission Specialist (MS) Jernigan uses BMMD in SLS-1 module
  STS-40 Mission Specialist (MS) Tamara E. Jernigan weighs herself in the 
  microgravity of space, or actually measures her mass since weight is a 
  function of gravitational force.  Jernigan sits strapped into the body mass 
  measurement device (BMMD) which scientists have developed for determining 
  mass on orbit.  Skylab astronauts used the method in the early 1970's.  As 
  the chair swings back and forth, a timer records how much the crewmember's 
  mass retards the movement of the chair.   BMMD is located in the center
  aisle  of the Spacelab Life Sciences 1 (SLS-1) module.   The module
  situated in the  payload bay (PLB) of Columbia, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 102,
  is connected to the  crew compartment via the spacelab (SL) tunnel.            
  Subject terms:
  COLUMBIA (ORBITER)                      
  ONBOARD ACTIVITIES                      
  SPACEBORNE EXPERIMENTS                  

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