NASA Photo ID: S87-28664           File Name: 10064311.jpg
  Film Type: 120mm                   Date Taken: 03/10/87
  Title: STS-40 Payload Specialist Millie Hughes-Fulford trains in JSC's SLS mockup
  STS-40 Payload Specialist Millie Hughes-Fulford conducts Spacelab Life 
  Sciences 1 (SLS-1) Experiment No. 198, Pulmonary Function During 
  Weightlessness, in JSC's Life Sciences Project Division (LSPD) SLS mockup 
  located in the Bioengineering and Test Support Facility Bldg 36. 
  Hughes-Fulford sets switches on Rack 8.  Behind her in the center aisle are 
  the stowed bicycle ergometer (foreground) and the body restraint system.                
  Subject terms:
  ASTRONAUT TRAINING                      
  PAYLOAD SPECIALISTS                     

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