NASA Photo ID: STS039-84-029AL     File Name: 10064176.jpg
  Film Type: 70mm                    Date Taken: 05/06/91
  Title: Sea Ice Flows, Sea of Okhotsk, CIS
  This nearly vertical view of sea ice flows in the Sea of Okhotsk, CIS,
  exact   location unknown, was taken outside of the sunglint region in the
  photo.  It  illustrates the extreme contrast between highly reflective ice,
  having a high  percentage of void spaces between crystals and the low
  reflectance water  which tends to absorb much of the light striking its
  surface.  These photos  are also useful in tracking sea ice flow patterns
  in the open ocean.                 
  Subject terms:
  ICE FLOWS                               
  SEA ICE                                 

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