NASA Photo ID: STS039-342-026      File Name: 10064171.jpg
  Film Type: 35mm                    Date Taken: 05/06/91
  Title: Aurora Australis, Spiked and Sinuous Red and Green Airglow
  This view of the Aurora Australis or Southern Lights, in the 80 - 120 km 
  altitude region, (location unknown) shows a spiked and sinuous band of red 
  and green airglow above the Earth Limb and a charged plasma glow around the 
  orbiter.  Auroral activity is due to exitation of atomic oxygen in the
  upper  atmosphere by the van Allen Radiation Belts and is most common above
  the 65  degree north and south latitude range during the spring and fall of
  the year.                 
  Subject terms:
  EARTH LIMB                              

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