NASA Photo ID: S89-46649           File Name: 10063642.jpg
  Film Type: 120mm                   Date Taken: 10/05/89
  Title: STS-33 crewmembers during training exercise in JSC Mockup and Integration Lab
  STS-33 Discovery, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 103, crewmembers, wearing orange 
  launch and entry suits (LESs) and launch and entry helmets (LEHs), are
  seated  in their launch and entry positions on crew compartment trainer
  (CCT) flight  deck during a training exercise in JSC Mockup and Integration
  Laboratory  (MAIL) Bldg 9A.  Commander Frederick D. Gregory (far right) is
  stationed at  forward flight deck commanders controls, Pilot John E. Blaha
  (far left) at  the pilots controls and on aft flight deck are mission
  specialists Manley L.  Carter, Jr (left), MS F. Story Musgrave (center,
  holding clipboard), and MS  Kathryn C. Thornton (standing). Overhead
  forward control panels are visible  above the astronauts and aft flight
  deck onorbit station control panels and  windows are visible in the
  background.  Thornton is on the flight deck for  this photo but during
  launch and entry will be seated on the middeck.          
  Subject terms:
  ASTRONAUT TRAINING                      
  FLIGHT DECK                             
  LAUNCH AND ENTRY SUIT                   

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