NASA Photo ID: S90-47925           File Name: 10063629.jpg
  Film Type: 4x5                     Date Taken: 09/12/90
  Title: Hubble Space Telescope (HST) imagery of galaxy NGC 7457 and Supernova 1987A
  Hubble Space Telescope (HST) imagery of galaxy NGC 7457 (47925 BW) and 
  Supernova 1987A (47926 CN) released 08/29/90.  HST view of galaxy NGC 7457 
  (47925) was taken on 08/17/90 with the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 
  (WFPC).  The picture on the left with high contrast shows the central
  portion  of the galaxy.  The picture on the right is of the same galaxy,
  but the  contrast has been adjusted to reveal a suprisingly high
  concentration of  stars pinpointed exactly at the galaxy's core.  The
  nucleus is so compact it  is beyond HST's.1 arc resolution.  Forty million
  light-years away NGC 7457 is  one of the first "normal" galaxies that HST
  has observed.  The gaseous ring  seen around Supernova 1987A (47926) was
  taken with the European Space  Agency's (ESA) Faint Object Camera (FOC),
  08/23/90.  The ring appears as a  yellow ellipse and tightly knotted debris
  from the stellar expolsion appears  as a red blob near the center of the
  ring.  The blue stars to the left and  right of the ring are not associated
  with the supernova.  This raw image, not  computer reconstructed, was made
  in the yellow light of doubly ionized oxygen  (5007 angstroms) the blue and
  red color was added to reflect the object's  true color.  The ring is
  located 160,000 light-years from Earth. Caption  information provided by
  the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Office of  Public Affairs.   
  Subject terms:
  HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE                  
  SPACEBORNE ASTRONOMY                    
  SUPERNOVA 1987A                         

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