NASA Photo ID: STS031-152-000FN    File Name: 10063608.jpg
  Film Type: 4x5                     Date Taken: 04/29/90
  Title: Sahara Desert Sand Storm, Mali, Africa
  In this view of the southern Sahara Desert in Mali, Africa (16.5N, 3.0W), 
  unusually strong surface winds accompanied by an unstable atmosphere
  produced  a large area of blowing sand over western Africa.  Between 26 and
  29 April,  observers in the area noted a dense cloud of sand appeared  from
  out of  central Mali and migrated offshore of the African coast near
  Guinea.   Satellite measurements of the extent of the storm was 270, 000
  square miles.                  
  Subject terms:
  DUST STORMS                             
  SAHARA DESERT (AFRICA)                  

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