NASA Photo ID: S90-32806           File Name: 10063545.jpg
  Film Type: 35mm                    Date Taken: 03/28/90
  Title: STS-31 preflight press conference with SSIP participant Gregory S. Peterson
  During STS-31 thirty days before launch (T-30) press conference, Shuttle 
  Student Involvement Project (SSIP) participant Gregory S. Peter (right), a 
  senior at Utah State University in Logan, fields questions about his
  student  experiment (SE) to be flown on STS-31.  Others pictured are Ed
  Mason (left)  of Morton-Thiokol and Jeff Blakely of Utah State Space
  Dynamics Laboratory. A  model of the experiment titled "Ion Arc Behavior in
  Microgravity" SE 82-16  was used during the briefing (pictured).  SE 82-16
  will be located on  Discovery, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 103, middeck to observe
  the effects of  microgravity on an electric arc.  The absence of convection
  currents in a  weightless environment will keep the arc from rising.  SE
  82-16 will also  study the effect of a magnetic field on an arc without
  correction.  An  Arriflex 16mm camera will be used to photograph the
  Subject terms:
  ION MOTION                              
  NEWS MEDIA                              
  PUBLIC RELATIONS                        
  SPACEBORNE EXPERIMENTS                  

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