NASA Photo ID: S88-47723           File Name: 10063486.jpg
  Film Type: 35mm                    Date Taken: 09/21/88
  Title: Artist concept of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) after STS-31 deployment
  Artist concept shows the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) placed in orbit above 
  the Earth's distorting layer of atmosphere by Discovery, Orbiter Vehicle
  (OV)  103, during mission STS-31.  Tracking and data relay satellite (TDRS)
  is  visible in the background and ground station is visible below on the
  Earth's  surface.  HST is the first of the great observatories to go into
  service and  one of NASA's highest priority scientific spacecraft.  Capable
  of observing  in both visible and ultraviolet wavelengths, HST has been
  termed the most  important scientific instrument ever designed for use on
  orbit.  It will  literally be able to look back in time, observing the
  universe as it existed  early in its lifetime and providing information on
  how matter has evolved  over the eons.  The largest scientific payload ever
  built, the 12 1/2-ton,  43-foot HST was developed by Lockheed Missiles &
  Space Company, spacecraft  prime contractor, and Perkin-Elmer Corporation,
  prime contractor for the  optical assembly.  The European Space Agency
  (ESA) furnished the power  generating solar array and one of the system's
  five major instruments.   Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) manages the
  HST project; Goddard Space  Flight Center (GSFC) will be responsible, when
  the spacecraft is in orbit,  for controlling the telescope and processing
  the images and instrument data  returns.   
  Subject terms:
  DISCOVERY (ORBITER)                     
  EARTH SURFACE                           
  HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE                  
  TDR SATELLITES                          
  VISUAL AIDS                             

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