NASA Photo ID: S88-55871           File Name: 10063071.jpg
  Film Type: 4x5                     Date Taken: 12/22/88
  Title: STS-27 Atlantis, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 104, liftoff
  STS-27 Atlantis, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 104, lifts off from Kennedy Space 
  Center (KSC).  Distant view captures OV-104 riding atop the orange external 
  tank (ET) after it has cleared the launch tower and begins its roll
  maneuver.  In the foreground are railroad tracks and a liquified hydrogen
  spherical  storage tank.   Exhaust billows from the white solid rocket
  boosters (SRBs)  leaving the launch complex (LC) pad hidden in a cloud of
  smoke.  View  provided by KSC with alternate number KSC-88PC-1496.                
  Subject terms:
  ATLANTIS (ORBITER)                      
  EXHAUST CLOUDS                          
  EXTERNAL TANKS                          
  LIFTOFF (LAUNCHING)                     
  RAIL TRANSPORTATION                     
  SPACE SHUTTLE BOOSTERS                  
  SPHERICAL TANKS                         

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