NASA Photo ID: S87-30148           File Name: 10063051.jpg
  Film Type: 4x5                     Date Taken: 03/25/88
  Title: Replacement of Atlantis', OV-104's, right orbital maneuvering system pod
  Atlantis', Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 104's, right orbital maneuvering system
  (OMS)  pod (RP01) is placed in a checkout cell at Kennedy Space Center's
  (KSC's)  Hypergolic Maintenance Facility (HMF).  Technicians steady OMS
  mounted on  ground handling cart as third technician, standing on ladder,
  secures  support frame.  At the HMF, a group of specially-equipped
  buildings in the  KSC Industrial Area, the OMS pods are undergoing
  extensive processing,  including removal of certain components that will
  undergo modification at  vendor facilities prior to the Shuttle's return to
  flight.  The OMS pods are  bolted to the aft fuselage of the orbiter and
  contain the engines and  thrusters used to maneuver the spaceship in orbit. 
  View provided by KSC with  alternate number KSC-87PC-93.           
  Subject terms:
  ATLANTIS (ORBITER)                      
  GROUND HANDLING                         
  SPACECRAFT MAINTENANCE                  

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