NASA Photo ID: STS001-07-540       File Name: 10060346.jpg
Film Type: 35mm                    Date Taken: 04/14/81
Title: Commander Young reviews clipboard notes and procedures on forward flight deck
Commander Young reviews clipboard notes and procedures in forward flight
deck commanders ejection seat (S1) wearing communication kit assembly
(assy) headset (hdst) while hdst cable floats at his side.  Soon after the 
launch phase of STS-1, crewmembers changed from their high altitude
pressure  garments into the light blue constant wear garment.  Commanders
Station control panels, rotational hand controller (RHC), crewman optical
alignment sight (COAS), forward windows, window shade, and flight mirror
assy appear in view.                
Subject terms:
COLUMBIA (ORBITER)                      
CONTROL BOARDS                          
EJECTION SEATS                          
FLIGHT DECK                             
FLIGHT OPERATIONS                       
FLIGHT PLANS                            
ONBOARD ACTIVITIES                      

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