NASA Photo ID: STS78397030          File Name: 78397030.jpg 


COLOR 20 JUNE - 7 JULY 1996 STS078-397-030 JOHNSON SPACE CENTER, HOUSTON, TEXAS STS-78 ONBOARD VIEW --- Five NASA astronauts and two international payload specialists take a break from a Shuttle duration record-breaker flight to pose for the traditional inflight crew portrait. The photograph should be oriented with payload commander Susan J. Helms at bottom center. Others, clockwise, are French payload specialist Jean-Jacques Favier, Canadian payload specialist Robert B. Thirsk; and astronauts Kevin R. Kregel, pilot; and Charles J. (Chuck) Brady and Richard M. Linnehan, both mission specialists, and Terence T. (Tom) Henricks, mission commander. The crew chose the Life and Microgravity Spacelab (LMS-1) Science Module, situated in the Space Shuttle Columbias cargo bay, for the portrait setting.

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