NASA Photo ID: STS78304018          File Name: 78304018.jpg 


COLOR 20 JUNE - 7 JULY 1996 STS078-304-018 JOHNSON SPACE CENTER, HOUSTON, TEXAS STS-78 ONBOARD VIEW --- Payload specialist Robert B. Thirsk, representing the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), performs a test on his arm using the Torque Velocity Dynamometer (TVD). Dr. Thirsk was measuring changes in muscle forces of the bicep and tricep in this particular view. The TVD hardware is also used to measure leg muscle forces and velocity at the ankle and elbow joints. Crew members for the mission performed all experiment protocols prior to flight to develop a baseline and will also perform post-flight tests to complete the analysis. Additionally, muscle biopsies were taken before the flight and will be conducted after the flight.

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