NASA Photo ID: S73-36451           File Name: 10076301.jpg
Film Type: 4x5                     Date Taken: 09/25/73
Title: Skylab 3 crewmen aboard prime recovery ship, U.S.S. New Orleans
The three crewmen of the Skylab 3 mission are seen aboard the prime
recovery  ship, U.S.S. New Orleans, following their successful 59-day visit
to the  Skylab space station in Earth orbit. They are, left to right,
Astronaut Jack  R. Lousma, pilot; Scientist-Astronaut Owen K. Garriott,
science pilot; and  Astronaut Alan L. Bean, commander. They are seated atop
a platform of a  fork-lift dolly. Recovery support personnel are wearing
face masks to prevent  exposing the crewmen to disease.               

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