NASA Photo ID: SL3-88-004          File Name: 10076277.jpg
Film Type: 70mm                    Date Taken: 08/15/73
Title: View of the Salinas River Valley area south of Monterey Bay, California
A vertical view of the Salinas River Valley area south of Monterey Bay, 
California area is seen in this Skylab 3 Earth Resources Experiments
Package  S190-B (five-inch earth terrain camera) photograph taken from the
Skylab  space station in Earth orbit. The valley is an irrigated
agricultural area,  as indicated by the dark-green and light-gray
rectangular patterns in the  center of the picture. The city of Salinas is
barely visible under the cloud  cover at the top (north) end of the valley.
The dark mass on the left (west)  side of the valley is the Santa Lucia
mountain range. The Big Sur area is on  the left and partly covered by
clouds.  The Diablo Range forms the dark mass  in the lower right
(southeast) corner of the photograph. The town of  Hillister is the grey
area in the dark-green rectangular farm tracts which  occupy the floor of
the San Benito Valley in the upper right (northeast)  corner of the
photograph. The Salinas River flows northwestward toward  Monterey Bay. The
towns of Soledad, Graenfield and King City appear as grey  areas along U.S.
101 in the Salinas Valley.        
Subject terms:
INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHY                    
ONBOARD ACTIVITIES                      
SKYLAB 3                                
SKYLAB PROGRAM                          

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