NASA Photo ID: SL3-133-3263        File Name: 10076267.jpg
Film Type: 35mm BW                 Date Taken: 09/04/73
Title: Six minute exposure of stars taken through airlock on Skylab
A six minute exposure of stars in the constellation Aquarius and others
taken  with a 35mm camera through the antisolar scientific airlock in the
Orbital  Workshop (OWS) of the Skylab space station in Earth orbit. Crewmen
of the  second manned Skylab mission took this picture as part of the
Zodiacal  Light/Gegenschein (S073) experiment. Most of the stars seen here
belong to  the constellation Aquarius and range in the stellar magnitude
from +3, +6,  +9. The dark patch on the right of the photograph is due to
shielding of the  sky by part of the experiment hardware.              

Subject terms:
ONBOARD ACTIVITIES                      
SKYLAB 3                                
SKYLAB PROGRAM                          
SPACEBORNE ASTRONOMY                    

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