NASA Photo ID: SL3-130-3130        File Name: 10076265.jpg
Film Type: 35mm                    Date Taken: 08/01/73
Title: View of the southern aurora, luminous bands or streamers of light
An excellent view of the southern aurora, luminous bands or streamers of 
light, in the Southern Hemisphere, as photographed from the Skylab space 
station in Earth orbit. The space station was moving into the sunlight when 
this picture was taken. This view is near the edge of the aurora cap. The 
surface of the Earth is in the foreground. The permanent aurora over the 
South Pole is in the background. Scientist-Astronaut Owen K. Garriott,
Skylab  3 science pilot, took this photograph with a hand-held 35mm Nikon
camera,  with a four-second exposure at f/1.2, using high speed Ektachrome
film.  Because auroras are caused by solar activity, they occur at the same
time in  the Northern and Southern hemispheres.            

Subject terms:
ONBOARD ACTIVITIES                      
SKYLAB 3                                
SKYLAB PROGRAM                          

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