NASA Photo ID: SL3-108-1307        File Name: 10076224.jpg
Film Type: 70mm                    Date Taken: 08/16/73
Title: View of Arabella, one of two Skylab spiders and her web
A close-up view of Arabella, one of the two Skylab 3 common cross spiders 
"aranous diadematus," and the web it had spun in the zero gravity of space 
aboard the Skylab space station cluster in Earth orbit. During the 59 day 
Skylab 3 mission the two spiders Arabella and Anita, were housed in an 
enclosure onto which a motion picture and still camera were attached to 
record the spiders' attempts to build a web in the weightless environment.                   

Subject terms:
ORBITAL SPACE STATIONS                  
SKYLAB 3                                
SKYLAB PROGRAM                          
ZERO GRAVITY                            

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