NASA Photo ID: S73-26128           File Name: 10076211.jpg
Film Type: 4x5                     Date Taken: 05/18/73
Title: Artist's concept of deployment of twin pole thermal shield on Skylab
An artist's concept of the Skylab space station cluster in Earth orbit 
illustrating the deployment of the twin pole thermal shield to shade the 
Orbital Workshop (OWS) from the Sun. This is one of the sunshade 
possibilities considered to solve the problem of the overheated OWS. Here
the  two Skylab 2 astronauts have completely deployed the sunshade. Note
the  evidence of another Skylab problem - the solar panels on the OWS are
not  deployed as required (26127); In this view the Skylab astronauts have 
partially deployed the sunshade (26128).              

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