NASA Photo ID: S73-34619           File Name: 10076202.jpg
Film Type: 4x5                     Date Taken: 07/28/73
Title: Four frame composite showing overhead view of Skylab space station cluster
A composite of four frames taken from 16mm movie camera footage showing an 
overhead view of the Skylab space station cluster in Earth orbit. The
Maurer  motion picture camera scenes were being filmed during the Skylab 3 
Command/Service Module's (CSM) first "fly around" inspection of the space 
station. Close comparison of the four frames reveals movement of the 
improvised parasol solar shield over the Orbital Workshop (OWS). The 
"flapping" of the sun shade was caused from the exhaust of the reaction 
control subsystem (RCS) thrusters of the Skyulab 3 CSM. The one remaining 
solar array system wing on the OWS is in the lower left background. The
solar  panel in the lower left foreground is on the Apollo Telescope Mount
Subject terms:
EARTH (PLANET)                          
ORBITAL SPACE STATIONS                  
SKYLAB 3                                
SKYLAB PROGRAM                          

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