NASA Photo ID: S73-36161           File Name: 10076175.jpg
Film Type: 35mm BW                 Date Taken: 11/06/73
Title: Dr. Robert Clark studies levels of radiation Skylab 2 crew was exposed to
In the Radiation Counting Laboratory sixty feet underground at JSC, Dr. 
Robert S. Clark prepares to load pieces of iridium foil - sandwiched
between  plastic sheets - into the laboratory's radiation detector. The
iridium foil  strips were worn by the crew of the second Skylab flight in
personal  radiation dosimeters throughout their 59.5 days in space. Inside
the  radiation detector assembly surrounded by 28 tons of lead shielding,
the  sample will be tested to determine the total neutron dose to which the 
astronauts were exposed during their long stay aboard the space station.              

Subject terms:
JOHNSON SPACE CENTER                    
RADIATION DOSAGE                        
SKYLAB 2                                
SKYLAB PROGRAM                          

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