NASA Photo ID: S66-39691           File Name: 10074407.jpg
Film Type: 120mm                   Date Taken: 06/18/66
Title: Astronaut John W. Young during water egress training
Astronaut John W. Young, prime crew command pilot for the Gemini 10 space 
flight, sits in Static Article 5 during water egress training activity on 
board the NASA Motor Vessel Retriever. The SA-5 will be placed in the water 
and he and Astronaut Michael Collins, will then practice egress and water 
survival techniques. At right is Gordon Harvey, Spacecraft Operations
Branch,  Flight Crew Support Division.                

Subject terms:
ASTRONAUT TRAINING                      
GEMINI 10 FLIGHT                        
GEMINI PROJECT                          
GEMINI SPACECRAFT                       
WATER LANDING                           

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