NASA Photo ID: S75-30110           File Name: 10076574.jpg
Film Type: 35mm                    Date Taken: 08/10/75
Title: Apollo ASTP crewmen return to Ellington Air Force Base, Houston, Texas
Dr. Christopher C. Kraft Jr. (second from left), JSC Director, chats with
the  three ASTP crewmen on the runway at Ellington Air Force Base after
their  arrival home from the Pacific recovery area. The six men are, left
to right,  Col. Donald Robinson, EAFB commander; Dr. Kraft; Astronaut John
W. Young,  Chief of the Astronaut office at JSC; Astronaut Vance D. Brand,
command  module pilot of the crew; Astronaut Donald K. Slayton, docking
module pilot  of the crew; and Astronaut Thomas P. Stafford, crew
commander. This picture  was taken prior to the official welcoming
ceremonies (30109); Dr. Glynn S.  Lunney (at microphone), American
Technical Director of the Apollo Soyuz Test  Project, praises the three
ASTP crewmen during welcoming home ceremonies at  Ellington. The seven
persons behind Lunney are, left to right, Dr. Kraft; Mrs  Vance D. Brand;
Astronaut Brand; Mrs. Donald K. Slayton; Astronaut Slayton;  Astronaut
Stafford; and Mrs. Thomas P. Stafford. Medical treatment in Hawaii  delayed
the return of the crew to JSC. They suffered a pulmonary irritation  from
inhalation of a toxic gas minutes before splashdown in the Hawaiian 
Islands area on July 24, 1975 (30110).      

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