NASA Photo ID: S73-27666           File Name: 10076442.jpg
Film Type: 35mm                    Date Taken: 06/07/73
Title: View of Soyuz spacecraft which was part of exhibit
A close-up view of the Soyuz spacecraft which was part of the Apollo Soyuz 
Test Project (ASTP) exhibit at the 30th International Aeronautics and Space 
Exhibition held May 24 - June 3, 1973 at the Le Bourget Airport in Paris, 
France. At the far left a mock-up of a Docking Module connects the Apollo 
spacecraft (not visible) with the Soyuz. The spherical-shaped portion of
the  Soyuz is called the orbital section. The middle section with the
lettering  "CCCP" (USSR) on it is called the Cosmonauts cabin. Two solar
panels extend  out from the machine and panel section.              

Subject terms:
SOYUZ SPACECRAFT                        

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