NASA Photo ID: S75-28510           File Name: 10076434.jpg
Film Type: 4x5                     Date Taken: 07/17/75
Title: Artist's concept of scene depicting Soviet ASTP Soyuz spacecraft in orbit
An artist's concept depicting the Soviet ASTP Soyuz spacecraft in Earth 
orbit. The three major components of the Soyuz are the spherical-shaped 
Orbital Module on which the letters CCCP (USSR) are printed, the
bell-shaped  Descent Vehicle inthe center, and the cylindrical-shaped
Instrument Assembly  Module from which two solar panels protrude. The
docking system on the  Orbital Module was specially designed to interface
with the docking system on  the Apollo's Docking Module. The painting is by
artist Paul Fjeld.               
Subject terms:
EARTH (PLANET)                          
GRAPHIC ARTS                            
SOYUZ SPACECRAFT                        
SPACECRAFT DOCKING                      
VISUAL AIDS                             

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