NASA Photo ID: AS08-12-2187        File Name: 10074973.jpg
Film Type: 70mm BW                 Date Taken: 12/24/68
Title: View of lunar surface taken from Apollo 8 spacecraft
This Apollo 8 photograph is a view looking south toward the lunar horizon. 
The bright-rayed crater in the foreground is located at approximately 30 
degrees south latitude and 110 degrees east longitude on the farside of the 
moon. This is another example of a bright-rayed crater which the astronauts 
photographed during the mission. This type of feature readily stands out in 
the Apollo 8 photographs because it was photographed at a high sun angle.                

Subject terms:
APOLLO 8                                
APOLLO PROJECT                          
LUNAR EXPLORATION                       
LUNAR SOIL                              
LUNAR SURFACE                           
ONBOARD ACTIVITIES                      

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