NASA Photo ID: AS08-13-2252        File Name: 10074968.jpg
Film Type: 70mm BW                 Date Taken: 12/24/68
Title: Oblique view of the lunar surface taken from Apollo 8 spacecraft
This oblique view of the lunar surface was taken from the Apollo 8 
spacecraft looking southward across the farside crater Tsiolkovsky which is 
centered near 129 degrees east longitude and 21 degrees south latitude. The 
flat floor of Tsiolkovsky is much darker than the surrounding lunar
surface.  It is darker than most of the mare material observed by the
Apollo 8 crew.  The dark material is about 125 kilometers (80 statute
miles) across measured  from the near-to far-side contsets in this view.
The central peak, which  stands as an "island" within the dark material, is
about 40 kilometers (25  statute miles) long. High sun angle at the time of
this photograph  accentuates the contrast between light and dark material.
The only boulders  observed by the Apollo 8 crew had rolled from the
light-colored peak onto the  dark, smooth surface near the right hand end
of the peak.           
Subject terms:
APOLLO 8                                
APOLLO PROJECT                          
LUNAR EXPLORATION                       
LUNAR SOIL                              
LUNAR SURFACE                           
ONBOARD ACTIVITIES                      

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