NASA Photo ID: AS08-14-2506        File Name: 10074961.jpg
Film Type: 70mm                    Date Taken: 12/22/68
Title: Photograph of nearly full moon taken from Apollo 8
Photograph of nearly full moon taken from the Apollo 8 spacecraft at a
point  above 70 degrees east longitude. Mare Crisium, the circular,
dark-colored  area near the center is near the eastern edge of the moon as
viewed from  Earth. Mare Nectaris is the ciruclar mare near the terminator.
The large,  irregular maria are Tranquillitatis and highlands to the south.
Lunar farside  features occupy most of the right half of the picture. The
large,  dark-colored crater Tsiolkovsky is near the limb at the lower
right.  Conspicuous bright rays radiate from two large craters, one to the
north of  Tsiolkovsky, the other near the limb in the upper half of the
picture. The  crater Langrenus is near the center of the picture at the
eastern edge of  Mare Fecunditatis.           

Subject terms:
APOLLO 8                                
APOLLO PROJECT                          
LUNAR CRATERS                           
LUNAR GEOLOGY                           
LUNAR PHOTOGRAPHS                       
LUNAR SURFACE                           
LUNAR TOPOGRAPHY                        
ONBOARD ACTIVITIES                      

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