NASA Photo ID: S72-49760           File Name: 10075901.jpg
Film Type: 4x5                     Date Taken: 10/01/72
Title: Artist's concept of topographical layout of Taurus-Littrow landing site
An artist's concept illustrating the topographical layout of the 
Taurus-Littrow landing site, depicting the traverses planned on the Apollo
17  lunar landing mission using the Lunar Roving Vehicle. The Roman
numerals  indicate the three periods of extravehicular activity (EVA). The
Arabic  numbers represent the station stops. The mountain in the center of
the  picture is South Massif. A portion of North Massif is in the lower
right  corner of the photograph. The names of some of the craters are:
Camelot (at  Station 5); Emory (nearest Station 1); Sherlock (at station
10); Steno  (between Emory and Sherlock); Amundsen (at Station 2); Lara (at
Station 3);  Henry (nearest Station 6); Shakespeare (nearest Station 9);
Cochise (nearest  Station 8); and Powell (halfway between Camelot and
Emory). Note the  ridge-like feature extending from Station 2 to North
Massif. The southern  portion of the ridge is called Lee Scarp; and the
Northerly portion is  Lincoln Scarp. This concept is by MSC artist Jerry
Subject terms:
APOLLO 17 FLIGHT                        
APOLLO PROJECT                          
GRAPHIC ARTS                            
LUNAR LANDING SITES                     
LUNAR SURFACE                           
VISUAL AIDS                             

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