NASA Photo ID: S71-43428           File Name: 10075770.jpg
Film Type: 35mm                    Date Taken: 08/08/71
Title: Apollo 15 crew receive welcome on arrival at Ellington Air Force Base
The three Apollo 15 crew receive a welcome on their arrival at Ellington
Air  Force Base, Houston, Texas, after en eight-hour flight aboard a U.S.
Air  Force C-141 jet aircraft from Hawaii. Left to right are Astronauts
David R.  Scott, Alfred M. Worden and James B. Irwin. Members of the
astronaut's  families identified in picture are left to right, Scott's
daughter, Tracy;  Worden's father, Merrill Worden; Worden's daughter,
Merrill; and Irwin's two  daughters, Joy and Jill.               

Subject terms:
APOLLO 15 FLIGHT                        
APOLLO PROJECT                          

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