NASA Photo ID: S71-22028           File Name: 10075661.jpg
Film Type: 4x5                     Date Taken: 02/26/71
Title: Astronaut Edgar Mitchell addresses MSC personnel and news media
Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, right, the Apollo 14 lunar module pilot, 
addresses JSC/MSC personnel and news media representatives and other
visitors  soon after he and his fellow crewmen were released from a 15-day
confinement  period in the Lunar Receiving Laboratory. Pictured with
Mitchell in front of  the LRL, MSC bldg 37, are Astronauts Alan B. Shepard
Jr., left, commander;  and Stuart A Roosa, command module pilot, Mrs
Mitchell is at right and Mrs.  Roosa, near left. Roosa is flanked by his
four children, left to right,  Christopher A., Stuart A. Roosa Jr., John D.
and Rosemary D.               
Subject terms:
APOLLO 14                               
APOLLO PROJECT                          
JOHNSON SPACE CENTER                    
NEWS MEDIA                              

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