NASA Photo ID: S71-19269           File Name: 10075653.jpg
Film Type: 120mm BW                Date Taken: 02/12/71
Title: View of Apollo 14 sample no. 14414,2
A close-up view of Apollo 14 sample no. 14414,2, a fine lunar powder-like 
material under examination in the Sterile Nitrogen Atmospheric Processing 
(SNAP) line in the Luanr Receiving Laboratory (LRL) at the Manned
Spacecraft  Center. Scientists are currently making preliminary analyses of
material  brought back from the moon by the crew of the Apollo 14 lunar
landing  mission.                
Subject terms:
APOLLO 14                               
APOLLO PROJECT                          
JOHNSON SPACE CENTER                    
LUNAR GEOLOGY                           
LUNAR ROCKS                             
LUNAR SOIL                              

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