NASA Photo ID: S71-19264           File Name: 10075652.jpg
Film Type: 120mm BW                Date Taken: 02/12/71
Title: Technicians work with Apollo 14 lunar sample material in Lunar Receiving Lab.
Gary Meschi, left, and Jim Bacak, right, glove operators employed by Brown
&  Root/Northrop on the Manned Spacecraft Center site, work with
newly-arrived  Apollo 14 lunar sample material in the Sterile Nitrogen
Atmospheric  Processing (SNAP) line in the Lunar Receiving Laboratory (LRL)
at MSC.  Pictured in a tray is Apollo  14 sample no. 14411. Dr. Don
Morrison of the  Planetary and Earth Sciences Division of the Science and
Applications  Directorate at MSC is in center background.               

Subject terms:
APOLLO 14                               
APOLLO PROJECT                          
JOHNSON SPACE CENTER                    
LUNAR GEOLOGY                           
LUNAR ROCKS                             

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