NASA Photo ID: S71-19474           File Name: 10075645.jpg
Film Type: 4x5                     Date Taken: 02/09/71
Title: Apollo 14 astronauts assisted out of Command Module by Navy divers
Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, Apollo 14 Lunar Module pilot, is assisted out
of  the Command Module by a U.S. Navy underwater demolitions team swimmer
during  Apollo 14 recovery operations in the South Pacific Ocean (19474);
Apollo 14  crewmen sit in a life raft beside their Command Module in the
South Pacific  Ocean as they await a helicopter which will take them aboard
the U.S.S. New  Orleans, prime recovery ship. Right to left are Astronauts
Alan B. Shepard  Jr., Stuart A. Roosa, and Edgar D. Mitchell. Two Navy
underwater demolition  team swimmers assist in the recovery operations
Subject terms:
APOLLO 14                               
APOLLO PROJECT                          
LIFE RAFTS                              
WATER LANDING                           

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