NASA Photo ID: S71-16823           File Name: 10075570.jpg
Film Type: 120mm BW                Date Taken: 01/12/71
Title: Line drawing of Apollo 14 Command/Service Modules
a line drawing illustrating a cutaway view of the Apollo 14 Command/Service 
Modules, showing the engineering changes in the CSM which were recommended
by  the Apollo 13 Review Board. The major changes to the Apollo 14 CSM
include  adding a third cryogenic oxygen tank installed in an empty bay (in
Sector  one) of the Service Module (SM), addition of the auxiliary battery
in the SM  as a backup in case of fuel cell failure, and removal of
destratification  fans in the cryogenic oxygen tanks and removal of
thermostat switches from  the oxygen tank heater circuits. Provision for
stowage of an emergency five  gallon supply of drinking water has been
added to the Command Module (CM).             

Subject terms:
APOLLO 14                               
APOLLO PROJECT                          
COMMAND MODULES                         
GRAPHIC ARTS                            
SERVICE MODULES                         
VISUAL AIDS                             

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