NASA Photo ID: AS12-50-7438        File Name: 10075403.jpg
Film Type: 70mm                    Date Taken: 11/12/69
Title: Vertical view of crater Gambart taken by Apollo 12
A vertical view of the crater Gambart (near photo's edge), as photographed 
from the Apollo 12 spacecraft in November of 1969. Smaller craters which
can  be delineated are Turner, Turner F, Gambart N. The area shown is
located just  to the north, northeast of Fra Mauro. Coordinates of the
center of the area  pictured are 14 degrees west longitude and 2.5 degrees
south latitude.                 
Subject terms:
APOLLO 12 FLIGHT                        
APOLLO PROJECT                          
LUNAR SURFACE                           
LUNAR TOPOGRAPHY                        
ONBOARD ACTIVITIES                      

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