NASA Photo ID: S69-54553           File Name: 10075361.jpg
Film Type: 8x10                    Date Taken: 10/13/69
Title: Photograph of possible Apollo 12 lunar landing site in the Sea of Storms
If the Apollo 12 launch is postponed until November 16, 1969, the lunar 
landing will be made in this area in the Sea of Storms. This site (Site 5)
is  located at 41 degrees 40 minutes west longitude and 1 degree 40 minutes
north  latitude. This photograph was taken by Lunar Orbiter III on February
21,  1967, at an altitude of 32 miles (51.8 kilometers) above the moon.
This view  is looking west with the Sun almost directly behind the
spacecraft. These  approximates show the landing site as it will look to
Apollo astronauts as  they approach the site. The actual target site is
represented by the ellipse  which measure three by five miles. The lines
indicate coordinates on the Moon  near the target site.            

Subject terms:
APOLLO 12 FLIGHT                        
APOLLO PROJECT                          
LUNAR LANDING SITES                     
LUNAR SURFACE                           

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