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1. Lunar Prospector Model 



Required Ingedients:

Four large and three small marshmallows; heavy (white) coverstock paper; scissors; hole punch; soda straws; two highlighter markers (one yellow and one blue); scotch tape, aluminum foil, 15-30 min of time.

First, get the pattern by clicking [here] and print it out on thick cardstock (consult your printer's user manual to make sure you're able to print on cardstock).


1. Cut out all pieces ("1" and "2" rectangles, "tiled" larger rectangle, triangle and circle) with scissors

2. Color large rectangle blue (with marker) and inside triangle of circle yellow (with marker)

3. Punch holes at indicated small circles (three in large rectangle and one inside circle (fold in half and punch in middle)

4. Slightly overlapping, tape together two small rectangles, end-to end. Tape again to make a cylinder (slightly overlapping, approx. 1/2 inch)

5. Wedge three large marshmallows, side-by-side and flat sides up, into cylinder.


6. Wrap entire cylinder, with marshmallows inside, in foil. Top and bottom should be also covered.


7. Wrap large blue rectangle around foil cylinder and tape together, forming an outer cylindrical wrapping .


8. Push straws into three holes in bottom of blue outside cylinder. (This is now the bottom of the spacecraft) Wedge one large marshmallow in between the three straw ends, inserting straw ends into middle marshmallow.


9. Fold triangle into a cone, and push through hole in circle.

10. Attach rolled over tape (one to two pieces) to underneath side of circle-cone and attach inside top of blue cylinder (opposite side of where the straws (booms) are) -- this is now the top of the spacecraft

11. Attach small marshmallows (one each) to straws.


  12. Send to the Moon! (or eat the marshmallows!)



2. Construct a Lunar Habitat

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