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Prime Mission (30 Sols)

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Sol 1 (4 July)

80823_full.jpg (47K)

80824_full.jpg (31K)
80807_full.jpg (124K)
80808_full.jpg (31K)
80809_full.jpg (47K)
80811_full.jpg (124K)
80812_full.jpg (31K)
80813_full.jpg (109K)
80814_full.jpg (47K)
80815_full.jpg (31K)
80816_full.jpg (31K)

i1246750998r.img_0008140027.jpg (16K)


Sol 2 (5 July)

80911_full.jpg (31K)

80881_full.jpg (636K)

80839_full.jpg (202K)

80828_full.jpg (78K)

80827_full.jpg (140K)

Sol 3 (6 July)

80893_full.jpg (109K)

80894_full.jpg (16K)

80895_full.jpg (62K)

80896_full.jpg (47K)

80900_full.jpg (124K)

80901_full.jpg (109K)

80903_full.jpg (155K)

80904_full.jpg (155K)

Sol 4 (7 July)

80987_full.jpg (31K)

81000_full.jpg (31K)

81003_full.jpg (31K)

81006_full.jpg (78K)

81007_full.jpg (78K)

81008_full.jpg (47K)

81009_full.jpg (47K)

81010_full.jpg (47K)

81015_full.jpg (16K)

Sol 5 (8 July)

81126_full.jpg (357K)

81078_full.jpg (16K)

81083_full.jpg (16K)

81084_full.jpg (16K)

81086_full.jpg (16K)

81087_full.jpg (16K)

81088_full.jpg (31K)

81092_full.jpg (47K)

81093_full.jpg (47K)

81094_full.jpg (47K)

81095_full.jpg (31K)

81096_full.jpg (31K)

81097_full.jpg (31K)

81098_full.jpg (31K)

81099_full.jpg (47K)

81101_full.jpg (47K)

Sol 6 (9 July)

81205_full.jpg (992K)

81203_full.jpg (155K)

81204_full.jpg (186K)

81219_full.jpg (47K)

81220_full.jpg (47K)

81221_full.jpg (47K)

81222_full.jpg (62K)

81223_full.jpg (47K)

81093_full.jpg (47K)

81224_full.jpg (47K)

81225_full.jpg (47K)

landingsitemos.jpg (682K)

Sol 7 (10 July)

81314_full.jpg (47K)

81315_full.jpg (47K)

81316_full.jpg (47K)

81325_full.jpg (47K)

Sol 8 (11 July)

Sol 9 (12 July) - No images or data

Sol 10 (13 July) - No images or data

Sol 11 (14 July)

deimos.gif (16K)

suns.gif (16K)

sunset.gif (16K)

Sol 12 (15 July) - Weather and Science Data Only

Sol 13 (16 July)

Sunset on Mars (93K)!

Sol 14 (17 July) - Science Data Only

Sol 15 (18 July) - Science, Weather and Rover Data Only

Sol 16 (19 July) - No images or data

Sol 17 (20 July) - No images or data

Sol 17-18 - (21 July)

The "Presidential Panorama"
81732_full.jpg (930K)

81696_full.jpg (202K)

Sol 18-19 - (22 July)

81955_full.jpg (140K)

81956_full.jpg (47K)

81957_full.jpg (155K)

81958_full.jpg (47K)

81959_full.jpg (124K)

81960_full.jpg (47K)

81961_full.jpg (171K)

81962_full.jpg (47K)

81963_full.jpg (62K)

81964_full.jpg (31K)

81976_full.jpg (31K)

81977_full.jpg (31K)

81991_full.jpg (388K)

81992_full.jpg (357K)

81993_full.jpg (636K)

Sol 19-20 - (23 July)

lander-airbags-ana.jpg (124K)

NEcolor_annot.jpg (155K)

yogi-pres-col-2.jpg (93K)

Sol 20-21 - (24 July)


clouds_at_sunset.jpg (31 K)


lander_from_rover.jpg (316 K)


bb_yogi.jpg (144 K)

Sol 21-22 - (25 July)

names.jpg (57K)

Sol 23 (26-28 July)

sol23r.gif (124K)

Sol 24 (29 July) - Rover Data Only

Sol 25-26 (30 July)

mini_matterhorn.jpg (62K)

mini_matterhorn_and_lander.gif (171K)

lander_with_imp.gif (47K)

Sol 26-27 (31 July)







Eight new Rover "Movies"!
(through Sol 24)

Sol 28-29 (1-2 August)

best_sunset.gif (78K)

sunset_3_v.gif (93K)
Sol 24 sunset showing the sun sinking into the horizon. False color view of the sunset.

sunset_rt.gif (47K)

sunrise_stills.gif (47K)
A detail of the sunset showing a fan-shaped scattering of light. Stills of the sunrise with false color.

sunset_three1.gif (155K)
False color view of the sunset.

Sol 30 (3 August)

sol30s55.gif (62K)

sol30.gif (171K)

Get out your red/blue glasses!

S0182_color_anaglyph.jpg (326K)