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Mars Polar Lander Launch Sequence

Note: Following times based on January 3 launch; times may vary by a second or two for later attempts.

Event Time (mm:ss)
Liftoff 00:00
Mach 1 (738 mph) 00:30.6
Maximum dynamic pressure 00:44.7
Four solid rocket motors burnout 01:03.1
Jettison two solid motors 01:06.0
Jettison two solid motors 01:07.0
Main engine cutoff (MECO) 04:24.0
Separation of first and second stages 04:32.0
Second stage ignition 04:37.5
Jettison payload fairing 04:42.0
First cutoff - Second stage engine (SECO 1) 11:22.2
Begin maneuver to restart attitude 13:20.0
End maneuver to restart attitude 18:20.0
Begin thermal roll program 18:30.0
End thermal roll program 28:20.0
Second stage restart ignition 34:11.9
Second cutoff - stage 2 (SECO 2) 34:30.3
Fire spin rockets 35:20.3
Separation of second and third stages 35:23.3
Third stage ignition/NCS enable 36:00.3
Third stage burnout (TECO) 37:28.1
Deploy yo-yo weights NCS disable 42:10.3
Spacecraft separation 42:15.3
Targeting interface point 46:00.3

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