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Mars Polar Lander
Fact Sheet




  • Mission
    "Volatiles and Climate History"

  • Launch
    The lander was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) Space Launch Complex 17 (SLC-17) on January 3, 1999.

  • Launch Vehicle
    Boeing Delta II 7425. The upper stage consists of a spin stabilized Star 48 with a Nutation Control System and a yo-yo despin device.

  • Spacecraft Dimensions
    1.06 meters (3.5 feet) tall by 3.6 meters (12 feet) wide.

  • Spacecraft Weight
    Total: 576 kg (1,270 pounds)
    Lander: 290 kg (639 pounds)
    Propellant: 64 kg (141 pounds)
    Cruise Stage: 82 kg (181 pounds)
    Aeroshell & Heat Shield: 140 kg (309 pounds)

  • Science Instruments

  • Spacecraft Power
    Solar panels providing 200 watts on the Mars' surface.

  • Mission Timeline
    • January 3, 1999: Launch
    • December 3, 1999: Mars Landing
    • March 1, 2000: End Of Primary Mission

  • Project Cost
    $110 million for spacecraft development, $10 million mission operations; total $120 million (not includding launch vehicle or Deep Space 2 microprobes).

  • Miscellaneous
    A CDROM with over 932,000 names is carried on the lander.

  • Mission Logo


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