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What is New: 13-AUG-2001

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Mission Operations

Latest Images from Mars
View the most recent pictures of the Martian surface.

Weekly MSOP Reports
We are now reporting mission status in synopsis form on a weekly basis.

Live Spacecraft Telemetry
Follow this link to find out realtime information about all of the spacecraft's systems.

Aerobraking Orbital Parameters

Key MGS Team Members
Bios of MGS Managers

Spacecraft High-Res Artwork

Archived Mission Data

Targeted Observations
View pictures the Cydonia region 's
"Face on Mars" , Pathfinder, and Viking landing sites taken during the first Science Phasing Orbit.

Spacecraft VRML Models
View VRML models of Spacecraft in different flight configurations.

Spacecraft Animations
Animations showing the spacecraft in relation to Mars during aerobraking. Movies can be downloaded in either Quicktime or MPEG format.

MGS Project Documents
Over 4,600 pages of detailed Mars Global Surveyor mission documents in Adobe PDF files.

Nov 97 Press Conference
Description of changes to the mission plan due to extended aerobraking.

Additional Archived Mission Data

Archived Images & Science

Archived Images and Science Data

Related Web Sites

NASA site highlighting technology and experience required for human exploration of Mars.

Mars Global Surveyor Radio Science Team Education Outreach Program
Lessons and Activities
for grades K-12

JPL Planetary Photo Journal
The primary repository of officially released images from all NASA solar system exploration missions.


  Current Mars Images and Science


Meridiani 3-D
June 2001

Defrosting Dunes
June 2001

Mars Opposition/Equinox
June 2001

MOC2-280 to MOC2-284
Extended Mission Images
May 2001

Latest MGS Images from Mars Orbit

Image of Cydonia "Face"

MOC Images of Cydonia Region Released by MSSS

05-APR-2001 -- M13-M18: 10,230 New MOC Images

PDS Release of MGS MOC Images



TES Broadband Visible and Near-Infrared Reflectance

TES Daily Temperature Profiles of the Surface of Mars



Regional closeups of Martian topography

The enigmatic northern plains of Mars

Ancient Geodynamics and Global-scale Hydrology on Mars

17-APR-2001 -- NEW: Horizon Science Experiment (HORSE)

Simulations of MGS in Relation to Mars


Current Postion of Earth and Mars


Position of Spacecraft in Relation to Mars During Telemetry Playback

Real-Time Orbit Data

Previous Science Results from MOLA

25-JAN-2001 -- MOLA Observations of Snow and Clouds

National Geographic map of Mars using MGS MOLA and MOC data

A high-resolution global shade map

Tharsis/Chryse image, as published in the February 2001 issue of Sky and Telescope

MOLA map with major surface features labeled

Top 10 Scientific Achievements from MOLA

08-NOV-2000 -- New publication-quality global and polar shaded relief images from MOLA

New High Resolution Data from MOLA

Major Martian Volcanoes from MOLA

MOLA Views of Valles Marineris

MOLA Data Product Archives - New global topographic grid with resolution

Major Science Findings

18-JUL-2000 -- The ten most significant science achievements of MGS during its first year of mapping, ordered from the interior of the planet outward.

22-JUN-2000 -- MSSS Finds Evidence of Flowing Water on Mars

More Updates in Archived Science Data Repository

Remote Science Team Websites

ASU - Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES) Home Page

ASU - Daily Temperature Profiles of the Surface of Mars

GSFC - MGS Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter

GSFC - MGS Magnetometer and Electron Reflectometer

MSSS - MGS Mars Orbiter Camera

STANFORD - MGS Radio Science Team

STANFORD - Martian Weather from Radio Science Team


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