36th Space Congress Logo Paper Format Requirements

Space Congress Proceedings Requirements

1. All Files must be saved in MicroSoft Word Office 95 or Adobe Pagemaker (any version)

2. Graphics, Photos, Charts can be imbedded (placed into document)

3. Scan graphics line art at 300 dpi, Photos (scans) saved as TIFF, 150dpi 
 	(or send an original, non-returnable print that we can scan)

4. Charts, Graphs, etc. must be saved in TIFF format and included separately on the disk
		-scan graphics line art at 300 dpi minimum

5. Use Type Font: Ariel or Helvetica

6. Use a single tab for paragraph indents

7. Type sizes:	Heads - 16pt bold, upper and lower case (not all caps!)
		Sub Titles - 12pt bold, upper and lower case (not all caps!)
		Body Text - 11pt regular, single spaced

8. 8 1/2 x 11 page size with 1 inch margins all around (top, bottom and sides)
		-Limit page number to 8 pages per paper

9. Please send BOTH disk and printed copy
		-Label your disks well, especially if you have multiple disks for a single paper

10. All submissions must be received by JANUARY 22, 1999 or before (sooner is better)

** If these requirements are not followed precisely, the submission WILL NOT be published in the 
1999 Space Congress Proceedings book or CD-Rom!

If you have any questions about any of these requirements:
		call Dick Blondin or Richard Beard at 407-867-3838

Curator: Susan Hutchison
Page Last Revised: December 4, 1998
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Information presented on behalf of the 36th Space Congress Committee Chairman Rick Abramson , Chief Operating Officer,Delaware North Parks Services and Vice Chairman Larry Ellis , Director of Process Integration, NASA.