The 1996 Unit Coordinators and Key Solicitors

If you need assistance in obtaining information about the Campaign, please contact your
directorate representative(s) shown on this list.

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Unit Coordinator/Key Solicitor BB/BB-B Stacie Grega 7-4397
BB-D Mary Conklin 7-7540
BE Becky Fasulo 7-4010/3750
Key Solicitors BE-B Renee Sawyer 7-3044
BE-C Schonda Rodriguez 7-4787
BE-E Luis Delgado 7-2401 To TOP of page
Unit Coordinator BE-F Laverne Dobbs 7-2978 To END of page
Key Solicitors Jim Sudermann 7-2145
Dale Stigberg 7-4023
Dave Macon 7-1139/3466
Craig Jacobson 7-6021
Unit Coordinator/Key Solicitor BL Steve Cox 7-6671
Unit Coordinator BQ Leslie Ridgway 7-6159
Key Solicitors Christine Wilson 7-6055
Mary Boger 7-6181
Ann Ruby 7-6177
Diane Fertig 7-6054
Unit Coordinator BR Karen Crook 7-4545
Key Solicitors Patti Skipper 7-6177
Marion Thompson 7-3374
Scott Kerr 7-7650

Unit Coordinator/Key Solicitor CC Diane Marino 7-2550

Unit Coordinator/Key Solicitor CD Randy Jordan 7-2218

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Unit Coordinator DL-HDD Emilio Valencia 7-3842
Key Solicitors DE Fran Brauer 7-2565
DE-PCO Julia Winn 7-2133
DE-ADM Patty Hepburn 7-2311
DE-TPO Joni Richards 7-3017
DF Ralonda Farrant 7-2628
DF-FSO Marlene Satterthwaite 7-4104
DF-PMO Ralonda Farrant 7-3035
DF-ELD Miros Guisbert 7-2712
DF-FDD Ping Yu 7-3476 To TOP of page
DF-CND Pauline Shook 7-2032 To END of page
DL Karen Bartosek 7-7069
DL-CMD John Kassak 7-2710
DL-ICD Larry Shawaga 7-3404
DL-SDD Oscar Toledo 7-1371/4684
DL-HDD Gary Bassett 7-2977
DL-DSD Ray Pecaut 7-4856
DM Suzanne L. Haas 7-7770
DM-ASD Suzanne L. Haas 7-7770
DM-MGD Joyce A. Kelley 7-7373
DM-DTL Suzanne L. Haas 7-7287
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Unit Coordinator/Key Solicitor EO Wanda Petty 7-2307
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Unit Coordinator GG Thomas Clarke, Jr. 7-3726
Key Solicitors GG-B Gretchen Vogler 7-7214
GG-C1 Betty Porterfield 7-3190
GG-C2 Macel Pargeon 7-4760
GG-C3 Michelle Albers 7-7752
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Unit Coordinator/Key Solicitor HM Doretha Worthy 7-3494
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Unit Coordinator IM-ADM Liz Osborne 7-4388
Key Solicitors IM-FEO-B Burnet Glover 7-7157
IM-FCC-A Wendy Woodard 7-4756
IM-SPS-A Cal Staubus 7-3795
IM-SST-A Nancy Hoffman 7-4256
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Unit Coordinator LO-ENG Lamar Russell 1-5381
Assistant LO-ENG Lorraine Hennig 1-5381/1-6458
Key Solicitors LO-ADM Lynn Barnette 1-5377
LO-DEP Penny Creel 799-5958
LO-ENG Muzette Fiander 1-5384
LO-MSD Valarie Franklin 7-7051
LO-PMD Jane Mosconi 1-5367
LO-SOD Huong Nguyen 1-5316
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Unit Coordinator/Key Solicitor JJ Martha Vreeland 7-3152
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Unit Coordinator/Key Solicitor MK-MIO Ginnie Stagman 7-3285

Unit Coordinator/Key Solicitor MS Jean Lewandowski 7-4803
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Unit Coordinator OP M. Joy Colston 7-7212
Key Solicitors OP-AMO Gladys Escobar 7-7217
OP-ESO Mary Dunn 7-7230
OP-MSO Karen Jansma 7-2309
OP-OSO Peggy Parrish 7-7208
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Key Solicitors PA-ESB Steve Duczak 7-4444
PA-MSB Lisa Fowler 7-7819
PA-PSE Rose Rayfield 7-2622
PA-VCB Pat Caroleo 7-2363
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Overall Unit Coordinator PH-E Ed Markowski 7-3898
Unit Coordinator PH Cindy Coddington 7-3758
Unit Coordinator PH-B Regina Clifton 7-7416
Key Solicitors PH-B1 Pat Davis 7-1422
PH-B2 Christy Ross 7-3090
PH-B3 Paula Schoneman 7-4925 To TOP of page
PH-B5 Tammy Hager 7-7416 To END of page
Unit Coordinator PH-E Ed Markowski 7-3898
Unit Coordinator PK-F6 Becky Thompson 1-3694
Key Solicitors PK-D Laura Osorio 1-3958
PK-E3 Kathy Meesakul 1-3820
PK-F6 Becky Thompson 1-3694
PK-G Noel Knotts 1-3873
PK-H7 Barry Bowen 1-3636
Unit Coordinator PZ-1 Dale Pope 1-5946
Key Solicitors PZ-A3 Sharon Wagler 7-4735
PZ-B1 Nate Taylor 1-7277
PZ-C Mark Woods 7-8885
PZ-D1 Scott Thorne 1-3596
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Key Solicitors RM-ENG Ken Grissom 1-4105
RM-SAO Howard Sterling 7-3163
RO-ARF Cheryl Greene 7-9760
RO-ELV James Swanson 853-9433
RO-ORB Patty Snooks-Moore 1-7080
RO-PAD Diane Schultz 1-4102
RO-PAY Bud Alloway 7-3050
RO-VAB Bob Schwandt 1-0008 To TOP of page
RQ-ADM Nicole Scarborough 7-3577 To END of page
RT-SOE-2 Dave Barker 7-6563
RT-SOE-3 Monica Edwards 7-6551
RT-SRD Barbara Vycital 7-3555
RT-SRD-3 Cathy Hope 1-4215

Unit Coordinator/Key Solicitor ST Russell Romanella 7-6472

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