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Dr. Lisa Huddleston

Dr. Lisa Huddleston

Dr. Huddleston is the Chief of the Applied Meteorology Unit (AMU) for the Kennedy Space Center Weather Office. Dr. Huddleston has over 25 years of professional experience in space operations engineering and science. She has published numerous scientific and technical papers on a variety of topics including satellite remote sensing of the sea surface, data mining and complex problems, Space Shuttle Orbiter thermal tile debris impact damage monitoring and trending, and assessing the probability that any individual cloud-to-ground lightning stroke was within any radius of any launch site facility. As a thermal protection system engineer, Dr. Huddleston played a significant role working with the NASA Engineering and Safety Center root-cause analysis team investigating the operational degradation of the reinforced carbon-carbon used on the Space Shuttle Orbiter. Throughout the final years of the shuttle program, she served as the NASA Thermal Control System Subsystem Engineer for the Space Shuttle Orbiter. An accomplished researcher and fully qualified meteorologist, Dr. Huddleston has been the AMU Chief since the Shuttle Program ended in 2011.

Dr. Huddleston's Education

Ph.D., Environmental Science, Florida Institute of Technology, 2002
M.S., Engineering Management, Florida Institute of Technology, 1990
B.S., Industrial Engineering, University of Missouri, 1985

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