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AMU Quarterly Reports

The AMU produces Quarterly Activity Reports with a detailed summary of all current tasks.

Quarterly Report Cover

AMU Quarterly Report Cover - 2012

The AMU staff produces Quarterly Reports to inform AMU customers and anyone else interested in AMU activities of the status of current AMU tasks.

Each Quarterly Report is distributed via e-mail to over 100 individuals in over 38 organizations to include NASA, USAF, National Weather Service, FAA, Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology, universities, national laboratories and private companies. Click here if you would like to receive the AMU Quarterly Reports.

In the 4th quarter of FY10, the AMU introduced a new format for the Quarterly Reports making them more colorful and easier to read while keeping the same quality of technical content. With this change came two versions of the reports: one customized for on-screen viewing and one with a white background suitable for printing.

Get Adobe Reader All files are in PDF format.

AMU Quarterly Report Archive

1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2014) (printable) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2015)(printable)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2015) (printable) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2015)(printable)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2013) (printable) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2014) (printable)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2014) (printable) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2014) (printable)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2012) (printable) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2013) (printable)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2013) (printable) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2012) (printable)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2011) (printable) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2012) (printable)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2012) (printable) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2012) (printable)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2010) (printable) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2011) (printable)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2011) (printable) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2011) (printable)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2009) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2010)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2010) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2010) (printable)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2008) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2009)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2009) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2009)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2007) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2008)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2008) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2008)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2006) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2007)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2007) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2007)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2005) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2006)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2006) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2006)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2004) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2005)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2005) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2005)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2003) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2004)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2004) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2004)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2002) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2003)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2003) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2003)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2001) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2002)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2002) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2002)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 2000) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2001)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2001) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2001)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 1999) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 2000)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 2000) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 2000)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 1998) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 1997)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 1997) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 1997)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 1997) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 1998)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 1998) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 1998)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 1996) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 1997)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 1997) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 1997)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 1995) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 1996)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 1996) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 1996)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 1994) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 1995)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 1995) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 1995)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 1993) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 1994)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 1994) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 1994)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 1992) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 1993)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 1993) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 1993)
1st Quarter (Oct-Dec 1991) 3rd Quarter (Apr-Jun 1992)
2nd Quarter (Jan-Mar 1992) 4th Quarter (Jul-Sep 1992)
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AMU Quarterly Reports have changed formats three times since 1991 including a change from distribution only by mailing paper copies to electronic-only distribtution via e-mail and web.

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